Batavia Office
39 Ellicott Street
Batavia, NY 14020
Lancaster Office
56 Church Street
Lancaster, NY 14086
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Quick Self-Test 
Try this 10-question test to help you decide if you should get your hearing checked.
Degree of Hearing Loss 
Between "hearing well" and "hearing nothing" lies a wide range of different types of hearing loss.
How Do We Hear 
Hearing is the result of an amazingly complex series of conversions that involve the delicate ear and the sophisticated brain.
Causes of Hearing Loss 
People of all ages can have a hearing loss, but hearing loss is most common in older adults.
Fast Facts 
Did you know these stats about hearing loss?
Hearing aid choices - what's best for me? 
Hearing aids come in different styles, from completely in the canal to behind the ear.
Hearing Aid Features 
The technology INSIDE is what makes each hearing aid different.
Directional Microphones, Telecoils & Bluetooth 
These features improve listening in noisy situations and provide connectivity to other devices.
Trial Periods & Warranties 
The details you'll want to understand.
Hearing aid batteries at very competitive prices.
Quick Answers
Hearing aid choices - what's best for me?
Do I really have a hearing loss?
Can I try it before I buy it?
Do I need 1 hearing aid or 2?
What about warranties?
Why are hearing aids so expensive?
What is an audiologist?
Important Information
General Information about Hearing Loss
Hearing Aid Information
What you need to Know
Batavia Office: 585.344.4363 Lancaster Office: 716.681.6722