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Hearing Aids
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Completely In the Canal (CIC)
These very small hearing aids fit down in the ear canal and use the smallest hearing aid battery (size 10A). They are only appropriate for milder types of losses. They require good dexterity to insert and remove them. They can be prone to repair issues due to moisture and wax problems. They tend to have a shorter life than other hearing aid styles.
In The Canal (ITC) and Half Shell (HS)
These hearing aids are slightly larger than the CIC aids and typically use a size 312 battery. They are a bit more visible in the ear than the CIC. They also require good dexterity to insert and remove them. Because they are a bit larger, they usually can accommodate a T-coil, making wireless communication possible. They typically are used to help people with mild to moderate hearing loss.
Full Shell In-The-Ear (ITE)
These are the largest in-the-ear hearing aids, making them easier to handle, with more power and better battery life than the smaller in-the-ear options. These aids usually use a size 13 battery. T-coil options are typically available, accommodating wireless communication. They can be fit on mild to moderately severe hearing losses.
Micro Behind-The-Ear (microBTE)
This is an exciting new product because it answers many previous objections to hearing aids. The small size tucked up behind the ear is nearly invisible, with a narrow tube going into the ear canal. The clear lightweight dome that holds it in place doesn’t give that “plugged up” feeling. These aids use a size 312 battery. T-coil options on some models and Bluetooth on others allow for wireless communication options. The receiver in the canal technology reduces problems with feedback (whistling).
Behind-The-Ear (BTE)
These hearing aids may also be fit with a slim tube or they may require a larger custom earmold, depending on the severity of your hearing loss. They offer very good durability and battery life, using a size 13 battery. T-coil and Bluetooth are standard, providing wireless communication options.
Power Behind-The-Ear (PowerBTE)
These hearing aids provide the most power. They typically use a size 675 battery. A custom earmold is used to couple the hearing aid to your ear. T-coil and Bluetooth are standard, providing wireless communication options.
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