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Quick Self-Test
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General Information about Hearing Loss

How to Score Your Hearing Self-Test:

YES = 2 points    NO = 0 points     SOMETIMES = 1 point

1.       Is it hard to hear the speaker at a meeting  or religious

2.       Is it hard to follow a conversation in a restaurant?

3.       Do you get frustrated with your family because they mumble?

4.      Do you notice family or friends telling you that the TV is too loud?

5.      Do you notice yourself asking people to repeat or speak up?

6.      Is it difficult to hear on the phone?

7.      Is a man’s voice easier to hear than a woman’s voice or a child’s voice?

8.      Do you notice difficult conversing when you meet new people?

9.      Do you visit with friends less than you’d like to because it’s hard to hear them?

10.  Have you been around a lot of noise – at work, military service, hobbies?

If you score 9 or greater, you should get a hearing test to determine what your hearing levels are.

If you'd like to schedule an appointment give us a call:

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General Information about Hearing Loss
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