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What to expect when considering hearing aids.
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What You Need To Know

1.  GETTING TO KNOW YOU.  We like to get to know you before we start our evaluation.  We’ll ask you questions about your daily activities and areas of concern that you have about communicating with your family and friends.  We’ll also ask about your hobbies.  We’ll ask some questions about your work history and general health.

2.  DOING A COMPLETE HEARING TEST.   A hearing test needs to be done in a sound proof test booth.  It includes listening to tones or “beeps”, repeating words, checking your middle ear function, and looking in your ear with an otoscope.

3.  REVIEWING THE RESULTS.  We will review and explain all of our test results to you.  If you have some hearing loss, the test will tell us what part of the ear is causing it and we will tell you if that may require follow up with your physician. 

4.  HEARING AID OPTIONS.  If you have a hearing loss and no physician follow up is needed, we will explain different options and features that are available with current hearing aid technology.  Understanding your lifestyle and what difficulties you’re experiencing will help us select a hearing aid with features that will best suit you.

5.  THE TRIAL PERIOD.    Depending on what type of hearing aids you’re getting, we may need to take impressions of your ears.  The hearing aids will be ordered and you will be scheduled to come back for a fitting.  At this time, the hearing aids will be adjusted for you and you will be shown how to use and care for them.  Then you get to “test drive” the hearing aids for 45 days.  This gives you an opportunity to try them in many situations and determine how much they are helping you.  During this time, fine-tuning adjustments can be made to maximize your benefit with the hearing aids.

We welcome loved ones and family members to come along and participate in the entire process.
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